The Hunt for Veerappan: A Complex Legacy Unraveled | Veerappan Documentary Review & Raiting 3.5/5

TitleThe Hunt for Veerappan
Release Date4 August 2023
LanguageEnglish (Original)
Dubbed inHindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada
GenreBiography, Crime, Documentary
Run Time / DurationEach episode runs approximately 50m
MusicRaghav Sharma
DirectorSelvamani Selvaraj
CertificateU/A 16+

Full Name of Veerappan: Koose Munisamy Veerappan Gounder

In this comprehensive documentary series, “The Hunt for Veerappan,” Netflix delves into the life of the notorious gangster Veerappan, presenting a multifaceted perspective that both vilifies and glorifies him, while questioning the actions of the police. This enthralling series provides a gripping narrative that highlights the tensions between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, giving viewers a deeper understanding of Veerappan’s complex legacy.

Veerappan: A Violent Criminal or Revolutionary Figure?

The series paints Veerappan as a violent criminal, involved in various acts of brutality, but it also intriguingly compares him to revolutionaries, presenting him as a heroic figure for some. This nuanced portrayal challenges conventional depictions of criminals in Indian entertainment and prompts viewers to ponder over the complexities of the human psyche and the conditions that lead individuals to a life of crime.

Veerappan’s Widow: A Personal Account of the Man Behind the Myth

Adding depth to the narrative, the documentary features insights from Veerappan’s widow, offering a personal account that sheds light on the man behind the myth. Her perspective reveals the emotional side of Veerappan, showcasing his life beyond the headlines and raising questions about the circumstances that shaped him into the infamous figure he became.

Policing and Capture: Methods Under Scrutiny

One of the most thought-provoking aspects of “The Hunt for Veerappan” is its critical examination of law enforcement and the methods used to capture criminals like Veerappan. The documentary sparks important discussions on issues of power abuse, arrogance, and the ethics of police actions in dealing with high-profile criminals. By questioning the very foundations of policing, the series encourages viewers to contemplate the larger implications of law enforcement practices.

The Kidnapping of Dr. Rajkumar: Unraveling Political Motivations

An episode dedicated to Veerappan’s kidnapping of the Kannada superstar, Dr. Rajkumar, provides crucial insights from the police’s perspective. While lacking the presence of Dr. Rajkumar’s family, the episode sheds light on Veerappan’s politically motivated demands and the implications of such incidents on both the film industry and the society at large. It serves as a window into the complexities of criminal demands that often go beyond monetary gains.

A Platform for Discussions on Law Enforcement

Despite not reaching the polished standards of other true crime shows, “The Hunt for Veerappan” becomes a catalyst for essential discussions on law enforcement practices. Its ability to evoke thoughtful conversations on the intricacies of criminal capture, abuse of power, and the moral dilemmas faced by law enforcement makes it a valuable addition to the true crime genre.

An Engaging Journey into the World of Crime and Policing

“The Hunt for Veerappan” on Netflix is a gripping documentary series that provides viewers with a multifaceted portrayal of the notorious gangster. Through a mix of personal accounts, critical analysis, and insights from law enforcement, the series manages to humanize Veerappan while also highlighting the complex issues surrounding policing. Despite some imperfections, its ability to spark important discussions and offer a fresh perspective on crime and punishment ensures its relevance in the realm of true crime content.

The Hunt for Veerappan, a Netflix documentary, portrays a complicated portrayal of an infamous brigand.

The Hunt for Veerappan isn’t as slickly packaged as the type of true crime programming we’ve come to expect, and it stumbles into morally dubious territory on more than one occasion, but it does spark some admittedly important conversations about law enforcement, abuse of power, and arrogance. That should suffice for its intended readership.

Total Episodes in the Documentary The Hunt for Veerappan, Run Time

Episode NameEpisode NumberRun Time / DurationRelease Date
CHAPTER FOUR- THE WAY OUTS1 E446m4 August 2023

The Hunt for Veerappan review: Netflix’s new real crime documentary series compensates for lackluster cinematography by raising critical questions about Indian enforcement.

A scene from the film The Hunt for Veerappan. (Image courtesy of Netflix)
A scene from the film The Hunt for Veerappan. (Image courtesy of Netflix) –

Characters can be bad; they can be devious, abusive, and disloyal, but films (or television series) must not condone such behavior. Understanding when a film does this is a difficult task, which is why Kabir Singh will always be troublesome, despite star Shahid Kapoor’s now well-rehearsed defense. It makes no difference if Kabir suffered with the woman he smacked and gaslit.

A simple editing choice, a brief musical cue, or even the decision to give one talking head more screen time than another can all have an impact on how a viewer perceives the tale. But after a moderately engaging three-and-a-half hours during which you can almost sense director Selvamani Selvaraj bursting at the seams to appreciate Veerappan’s pluck, he makes the unambiguously bold choice of conveying his true feelings by including a decisive verbal comment made by the man interviewing Veerappan’s widow — it’s unclear if the interviewer is Selvaraj himself — and declaring that the manner in which the gangster was killed wasn’t ‘brave’.

What complicates matters is that the show is essentially calling out the dubious methods employed by the police to bring the suspects to justice.

Then there are the lengthy moments in which Veerappan’s widow, who may have the most screen time of anyone, recounts her version of events leading up to his death. She claims to have been tortured by the Karnataka Police after being captured in a particularly gruesome incident. Tensions between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are a significant element in the program, both cultural and political. Veerappan moved between the two states clandestinely during the 1980s and 1990s, when he is alleged to have killed over a thousand elephants and over a hundred men.

The episode dedicated to Veerappan’s most infamous incident, the kidnapping of Kannada superstar Dr Rajkumar, is another highlight of the show. In a film directed by Ram Gopal Varma a few years ago, Rajkumar’s son, Shiva Rajkumar, played the cop in charge of recreating Veerappan’s encounter. However, no one from the Rajkumar family appears in the documentary, which seems like a squandered opportunity. We do, however, hear about the kidnapping from a variety of other people, primarily the police. Veerappan’s political demands are also underlined, lending credence to his unlawful tactics.

Customer Reviews:

Veerappan 2016 Review :

That Ram Gopal Varma loves Dawood and his company staff is well known. He also adores Veerappan. No kidding doston; till date the maverick director has made atleast 3 films on Veerappan…’Jungle’ (2000) featuring Urmila Matondkar and Fardeen Khan, the Kannada docu-drama ‘Killing Veerappan’ (2015) and now the hindi ‘Veerappan’ which released yesterday.

While I haven’t seen the Kannada film, ‘Jungle’ didn’t make a good impression on me because it came in the era when RGV had ‘Rangeela’, ‘Satya’ and ‘Koun’ as his calling cards. Not anymore!! Today, after a string of intolerable duds (‘RGV Ki Aag’, ‘Department’ to name just two…), RGV ka Veerappan appears a significant improvement over those turnips but still doesn’t come close to ‘Jungle’ – forget the outstanding ‘Satya’ (1997) or ‘Company’ (2002). So basically, Ramuji pass hue (..after multiple failures) par second class mein…

Starting horridly, the first fifteen minutes of Veerappan resemble an orgy of blood and gore where humans are mercilessly hacked to small pieces, elephants are shot dead and their tusks uprooted – all this to a continuous onslaught of ear blasting background music screaming Veer Veer Veer Veer Veerappan!!!!

Things get better when Varma starts focusing on the operation helmed by a nameless cop (Sachiin Joshi) to nail the elusive criminal with help of a widow (Lisa Ray, still looking desirable) of a slain task force officer.

RGV employs hard core commercial elements to narrate the biopic – like replicating Gabbar’s introduction scene from ‘Sholay’ (1975) to giving a Rashomonesque twist to Veerappan’s daughters death.

Zareen Khan’s sensuous item number is left out and I certainly missed that on the big screen.

Anyways, a few facets of Veerappan are interestingly captured like his idolising the LTTE chief Prabhakaran and his unfulfilled ambition to kidnap Superstar Rajinikanth.

On the flip side, Sachiin Joshi and Lisa Ray are pathetic casting decisions. The background score is too loud and distracting. Editing cuts are haphazard. The film’s length appears long even at just over two hours.

Of the cast, Sandeep Bharadwaj, in the titular role, looks convincing. Usha Jadhav as Veerappan’s wife is completely natural. Her emotions in the concluding scene are spot on.

After a long time, RGV has made a fairly decent film but the touch of ‘Satya’ is still missing. He’s getting there though…..

Sumeet Nadkarni.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about “The Hunt for Veerappan”

Q: What is “The Hunt for Veerappan”?
A: “The Hunt for Veerappan” is a documentary series available on Netflix that explores the life and legacy of Veerappan, a notorious gangster in India. The series provides a complex perspective, presenting Veerappan as a violent criminal while also drawing comparisons to revolutionaries and portraying him as a heroic figure.

Q: How does the documentary portray Veerappan?
A: The documentary portrays Veerappan as a violent criminal involved in various acts of brutality. However, it also presents a nuanced view, comparing him to revolutionaries and depicting him as a hero for some. This portrayal challenges conventional depictions of criminals in Indian entertainment and prompts viewers to reflect on the complexities of human behavior.

Q: Does the documentary offer insights from Veerappan’s family?
A: Yes, the documentary features insights from Veerappan’s widow, offering a personal account that provides a deeper understanding of the man behind the myth. Her perspective sheds light on Veerappan’s life beyond the headlines, raising questions about the factors that influenced his criminal behavior.

Q: What are the key themes explored in “The Hunt for Veerappan”?
A: The documentary delves into various themes, including the complexities of Veerappan’s character, the methods employed by law enforcement to capture criminals like him, the political motivations behind his actions, and the tensions between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu due to his criminal activities.

Q: How does the documentary challenge conventional portrayals of policing?
A: “The Hunt for Veerappan” critically examines law enforcement and the methods used to apprehend high-profile criminals. By questioning the actions of the police and highlighting issues of power abuse and arrogance, the series encourages viewers to contemplate the broader implications of policing in society.

Q: Is the documentary solely focused on Veerappan’s criminal activities?
A: While the series focuses on Veerappan’s criminal activities, it also explores the political motivations behind his actions and their impact on the film industry and society. The episode on Veerappan’s kidnapping of Kannada superstar Dr. Rajkumar provides insights from the police’s perspective on the politically motivated demands.

Q: How does “The Hunt for Veerappan” foster important discussions?
A: Despite not being as polished as other true crime shows, the documentary series serves as a platform for essential discussions on law enforcement practices, abuse of power, and the moral dilemmas faced by police officers. It encourages viewers to engage in thoughtful conversations about crime and punishment.

Q: What is the overall rating of “The Hunt for Veerappan”?
A: “The Hunt for Veerappan” has received an overall rating of 3.5/5. While it may not be as polished as other true crime shows, its ability to spark critical discussions on law enforcement and criminal behavior makes it a valuable addition to the genre.

Q: Is the documentary available on any other streaming platforms?
A: As of the information provided, “The Hunt for Veerappan” is exclusively available on Netflix. It is not mentioned to be available on any other streaming platforms at this time.

Q: Can viewers expect to see any visual representations or diagrams in the documentary?
A: The information provided in the article does not mention specific visual representations or diagrams used in “The Hunt for Veerappan.” The focus of the documentary appears to be on presenting a complex narrative through storytelling and interviews rather than relying heavily on visual aids.

Q: When was “The Hunt for Veerappan” released on Netflix?
A: The specific release date of “The Hunt for Veerappan” on Netflix is not mentioned in the information provided. Viewers can check Netflix or other reliable sources for the exact release date of the documentary series.

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